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Civil Law Notary's Office in Bemowo

Welcome to the website of Łukasz Górski Civil Law Notary Office. Our Office is located in Warsaw, in the district of Wola. Thanks to a convenient location, we are able to serve Clients from Bemowo, Nowolipki, Młynów, Mirów, Odolany, Czyste and other parts of the capital city.

The activity of civil law notaries is regulated, among others, by the Act of 14 February 1991: the Law on Notarial Services, according to which a civil law notary is a person in position of public trust and enjoys the protection reserved for public officials. A civil law notary is a notary lawyer appointed by the Minister of Justice, authorised to draw up notarial deeds and perform other notarial actions.

While performing notarial actions, a civil law notary is obliged to ensure an appropriate protection of the rights and interests of persons for whom such actions may produce legal effects. These are the basic definitions and duties of a civil law notary.

The Law on Notarial Services clearly stresses that a civil law notary is obliged to provide necessary explanations regarding the notarial actions performed. In other words, a civil law notary must explain to the Client the legal effects that may be produced by the intended action. Notarial deeds and other documents prepared by a civil law notary should be clear and transparent. Notarial actions produce official documents.

A civil law notary is obliged to keep the circumstances of the case confidential and protect the interests of the Client and all parties for which the notarial document produces legal effects.

Our Civil Law Notary's Office offers a full range of notarial services. We handle notarial actions in the field of real property and company law, as well as family matters and inheritance law. We can help you in completing all formalities and solving all legal problems.

At the Client's request, we draw up notarial deeds for sales contracts, donations and wills. We take the minutes of general meetings of shareholders and partners. We also prepare certificates of succession. We prepare draft notarial deeds, as well as copies, duplicates and excerpts of various documents.

The undeniable assets of our Civil Law Notary's Office in Bemowo include reliability and diligence, as well as many years of practical experience in the notarial market.

We offer to our Clients the trustworthy notarial actions and a convenient location in Warsaw.

Notariusz Górski

About me

My name is Łukasz Górski, and I am a civil law notary. In my service proposal, you will find numerous non-standard solutions for private persons and entrepreneurs. My focus includes real property law, inheritance law, family law and company law. I remain close to the Clients, offering them a customised, honest and open approach. I am convinced that if people speak in an incomprehensible way, they actually only speak to themselves. My ultimate goal is to protect the Client's interests and ensure a collective decision-making process.


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